20 Key Facilitation Questions

So here are the top 20 Facilitation skill questions. 1. Describe one of your worse facilitation experiences and your learning from the same? 2. Describe a time you had a troubled group following the ground rules. How did you resolve the situation? 3. What metrics would you use to measure the success of meeting facilitation? […]

Career Coach For Agile

Before we proceed to discuss the career coach for agile, first of all, we should know that what are the qualities and skills which is needed for it. The Skills Required for a Coach How to become an Agile Coach? Following are some points which make a successful Agile Coach. Agile Fundamentals: Your Agile fundamentals […]

Asking Powerful Question

Whether you are a parent, a sportsperson, or a corporate manager. Irrespective of our roles, all of us play the role of a leader or a coach. Therefore, the concept of coaching becomes relevant to everyone. International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them […]

Top Agile Interview Question

Recently Saket had a conversation with a colleague who had interviewed for an Agile Project Manager cum Scrum Master role. He shared the set of questions that were asked to him during the interview. In this blog, Saket tries to give his views on those questions from the perspective of Agile Project Management. What is […]

How to write User Stories

Agile ways of working promote short cycles of value delivery. The short cycle ensures that the team delivers something quickly, and it also helps correct the assumptions/errors early in the development cycle. To enable short feedback/delivery cycles, we also need to discover an approach that helps us in finding requirements in small chunks. User stories […]

Anti-Pattern and common smells

What is the pattern is all about? Something that repeatedly repeats in a given environment. From this, you know the opposite of this is an anti-pattern, so something should not happen. That usually happens all the time, given the kind of agile transformation. So what are some examples of anti-patterns? Again if you look at […]

Project Scope Management

Create a work breakdown structure or create WBS. Last process in a planning process group of scope management knowledge area. What is a work breakdown structure? Before we get into detail, we need to understand a work breakdown structure. A lot of the time, you may see it as an organization chart. Yes, this is […]