20 Key Facilitation Questions

So here are the top 20 Facilitation skill questions.

1. Describe one of your worse facilitation experiences and your learning from the same?

2. Describe a time you had a troubled group following the ground rules. How did you resolve the situation?

3. What metrics would you use to measure the success of meeting facilitation?

4. How do you handle it when one of the participants walks out of the meeting over disagreements?

5. What aspects of facilitation are the most challenging for you?

6. What is your process for creating a facilitation plan?

7. What do you think are the most important skills for a facilitator?

8. How do you get the new team to start interacting and yet remain focused in meetings?

9. How will you address when the participant is doing individual work during the meeting?

10. What does your team like about how you facilitate?

11. What does your team not like about how you facilitate?

12. How do you facilitate a planning meeting for a team?

13. How do you facilitate an improvement (retrospective) meeting for a team?

14. How do you manage the meeting timebox?

15. How do you make introverted members contribute to a meeting?

16. How do you manage extroverted members in a meeting?

17. How do you handle it when team members get late in the meeting?

18. How do you handle when two team members have a strong disagreement in the meeting?

19. What do you do when some team members come unprepared for the meeting?

20. What do you do when participants are not engaged in the meeting?

To learn more about these visit Facilitation skills for Project Leaders.

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