8 Reasons to use Agile

The agile technique characterizes the business object and success benchmark in small gain, taking a project between various rounds of development, deployment, and testing. It varies from what we call the waterfall method, which took the project from its first step to deployment. The agile round-the-clock cycle of design, test, deploy, deliver a continuous group of …

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Customer Centricity

Today we’ll learn about customer-centricity; the inclusion of customer-centricity in the scaled version 5.0 makes this topic an area of interest for many professionals.  Now before we get into the details, let’s first explore what customer centricity is? We believe it’s a mindset, a way of thinking, and the people who fall in this category or this …

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How do I stop myself from providing answers?

They started their career at the software as a software developer and later on have been doing project management—other kinds of stuff before thinking of getting into the coaching kind of problem. So now they are providing answers to stakeholders and team members when they come to them with the questions, and these people are experts in solving those …

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Kanban for SAFe Teams

How do you use Kanban in the Scaled Agile Framework for the development teams? Now you might have seen Kanban at various levels at the portfolio level, program level at those levels; Kanban is more used to refine their portfolio backlog and program backlog. Still, at a development team level, Kanban is used to facilitate …

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