Sprint Commitment For Wowhotels.com

Sprint Commitment For Wowhotels.com

Here we are continuing our example of Wowhotels. Click here for User Stories for Wowhotels. The purpose of Sprint’s commitment is to inform all the stakeholders about the work team is going to pick and complete in the Sprint. By viewing this sheet, the product owner might come to pick different stories which might have more priority from a business perspective or might drop low priority items from the commitment sheet. So, our commitment sheet should be very simple so that it’s complete its objective to inform all.

Here is a sample template that you can use in your project for sprint commitment. It has four sections.
1. Objective/GoalThis section provides the summary of work that team is going to pick.
2. Stats (Optional)This section shows the amount of the work team has picked like total story points, Effort in Hours for development tasks (Sometimes used in organizations), hours planned for testing, hours planned for others (meeting, retrospective, etc).
3. Sprint StoriesIn this section, we show all the stories team is going to pick in the current sprint along with their story points
4. Sprint Dates: In this section, we can show the dates of events those we have planned like sprint planning, Retrospective, Demo and development start, etc.

 You can download this as editable template and can use it.

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