User Story Writing Hands-On Workshop


If you are working using an agile-based approach, you might know that User Stores helps discover user requirements and focuses on Just In Time requirement elicitation. Though the workshop title says “Writing,” it is less about writing, but more about developing the common understanding of user needs with Cards – Conversation and Confirmations. 

This workshop focuses on the foundations of User Stories. It gives insights into what understanding and agreements are needed before we start working on User Stories and then writing compelling User Stories.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this training, the participant will be able to:
1. Identify a Business Model Canvas around Product
2. Develop a meaningful product vision statement
3. Identify and describe user roles and personas
4. Write and evaluate user stories
5.Identify and document non-functional requirements and business rules
6. Write effective acceptance criteria and tests for user stories

00-30: Defining User Stories 
30-75: Identify Business Model, Product Vision, User Roles, and User Personals for a case study.
75-90: Identify Epics
90-100: Break
100-130: Identify User Stories
130-160: Writing Acceptance Criteria 
160-180:Q&As around challenges with User Stories 

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