Scrum Master Job Analysis Report Nov 2021

Scrum Master Job Analysis Report Nov 2021

We are happy to bring the Scrum Master job analysis report to you. We have been getting questions like
1. What are the top scrum master skills?
2. Does one need to be technical for being a scrum master?
3. How can one get started with scrum master?
4. Which certification can help in getting a Scrum Master job?
5. Which tool can help me in getting a better scrum master job?

Rather than finding answers based on what should be asked for the scrum master profile, we studied the descriptions posted by recruiters and prepared a detailed analysis report so you can take insights for your future skill development.

We found four skills mentioned in all jobs, and these are:
1. Event Facilitation
2. Product Owner Engagement Management
3. Metrics Reporting
4. Handling Issues/Impediments
5. Team Coaching

If you have any questions or comment on this report, we will be happy to interact with you. Please post your comments below. 

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