Dave Cozzens

Dave Cozzens

 Go To Executive Coach For Delivery Professionals


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If you are a professional responsible for the delivery of a product or service you know it is a rewarding career. It can also be challenging at times and you need someone in your corner to help you through difficult situations and visualize the future.

What would it look like if you could:

• Get your team working together
• Establish boundaries for all stakeholders
• Get positive results through your interactions with others
• Manage demanding clients
• Protect your team
• Increase productivity and velocity

You have the knowledge, the skills, the drive, you just need the guidance of someone who has been there and has your best interests in mind.
I am your executive coach that brings 35 years of Delivery experience including Program, Project, Change Management, and Agile ways of working to help you achieve your goals.
If you are interested in becoming your best or just need to get out a difficult situation, connect with me today and let’s explore how you can make it happen!


Citizens Bank
May, 2012 – Current


Ros Taylor Company
Post graduation
May, 2021 – Current

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