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Coaching Anti-patterns And Common Smells

This resource is being used in the webinar on “Anti-pattern and common smells”. It starts with explaining, What are patterns? Then learn about coaching and advising. The following anti-pattern has been discussed:

1. Behavioral pattern
2. Burn down chart pattern
3. Maximizing Utilization and reporting planned vs actual hours
4. Agile Fixed Price Contracts
5. Scrum Master has no idea of the scrum, discussion about who would be a better scrum master like the personality of scrum master
6. Senior Leadership understanding of Agility (maybe unintentionally)
7. Product Owner for Teams
8. Blind Scaling

Common smells

1. No retrospective
2. Planning meeting was dominated by one expert member. Ignoring the
perspective or questions from other team members.
3. Some members are coming to scrum meeting other are continuously missing.
4. No value addition of the meetings like retrospective action item are not closing after so many rounds.

Then discussion going on the technique to coach organization anti-patterns like

1. Teaching from a different perspective
2. Feedback patterns
3. Experimental learning
4. Open space retrospective to address Anti-patterns.
5. A small introduction to Try coaching Techniques.
6. Try teachings “System Thinking” to explain cause-effect.
7. Try Large Group Facilitation techniques to Maximize engagement.
8. Then wonderful learning of fun therapy explains how a dull task can be made interesting by adding fun into that.

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