Coaching Anti Patterns and Common Smells


To Identify the organisational anti-patterns and common smells. Developers often want to work independently to avoid stepping on each other’s code, a symptom of a dysfunctional team with poor process and engineering practices. Working on too many things at once leads to radical reduction in the effectiveness of an individual, in the velocity of a team, or a company. It can cut velocity by 50% and sometimes reduce it to zero. Focus maximum team effort on one item in the Sprint Backlog; and get it done as soon as possible.

In order to achieve the outcome of all . Learn techniques to coach organisational anti-patterns, Teaching/ Coaching from Different Perspectives , Applying various feedback patterns. Creating space for experimental learning. Open space Retrospectives to address Anti-patterns.

What ? – So What ? – Now What ?
What ? – So What ? – Now What ?
Coaching Cards Technique
GROW Model
Fun Therapy to Change Behaviours
Quick Retrospective

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