Business Model Innovation


or companies in all industries, innovation is immensely important. In many cases, however, innovation is only associated with new, innovative products or technical renewals. However, business model innovations are significantly more profitable. Changes in customer behavior, globalization, and technological innovations are currently creating a “window of opportunity” for new business models. What is a business model innovation and how we can implement it? Learn about all these from Sridhar Chakravarthi Mulakaluri. Following are the topic or questions for which you get answers in the current session: –

1. What is product innovation? Is this the only way how startups can be innovative? 
2. What is a business model?   
3. How can we use a business model to become innovative? 
4. What is the role of technology?  
5. How can we disrupt an industry using business model innovation? 
6. How many types of business models are there? 
7. Are there any tools that can help us do this? 
8. What is a customer journey map?
9. What is an empathy map? 
10. What is the customer buying journey? 

So don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn all these from non-other than Sridhar Chakravarthi Mulakaluri. Moreover, you can also attend the pre-session where you can clarify all your doubt about the topics that would be covered in this session.

Session: Business Model Innovation
Date : 23-Sept-2021 6:30 PM (IST)
Duration : 3 Hours

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